Goalie Stick Team Sales

Bulk orders for teams and associations

Benefits Of Using Our Team Sales

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Why you should choose us...

We make it easy to place ongoing custom goalie stick orders with us. You'll work with some of the best minds in goalie sticks who will guide you and set up your account. Here's some of the other benefits:

  • Easy purchase process

  • Group discount pricing

  • Priority shipping

  • Account set up with one billing or multiple billing

  • Open to all goalies in the organization

Here's What To Do Next

Prepare a list of all goalies

List includes paddle length, curve type, shot type, full name, team number and custom stick colour.

Contact us to set up an account

We'll get your contact info, key account person and then prepare your team account.

Let's welcome your goalies!

Goalies (or parents) will be notified via email how to purchase their custom sticks with us.

Start shopping

Your goalies are now all set to begin shopping for custom sticks!

What Our Customers Have to Say

I was truly impressed and pleased with the level of professionalism and quality of the service. The prices were very reasonable, but, the experience is priceless!

Larry Jane
Industry Expert

The customer service was outstanding! I really appreciate what you have done and will strongly recommend this to my loved ones.

Mike Jones
Consumer Specialist

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will definitely be coming back. Thank you for existing!

Bridget Jones
Business Consultant